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otimo jogo, infelizmente não tinha jogadores online, bom trabalho, rodei ele pelo playonlinux. 

I can't change sensitivity. 

The sensitivity is changable from main menu and in game settings.

It will just switch back to the highest sensitivity after I change it to my desired sensitvity.

It shouldn't. We will check it out.

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hello dah :v :)

Hello. Who?

This is a great game but i would like to see some improvments on the pistol but other than that its great. 

also Hey KillCode_GD

We are glad you liked it. The bugs will be removed in future updates.

Wow Great Game Keep It Up Its Very Buggy But Still It,s Awesome

Bugs will be fixed in future updates.

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AMAZING!!! love the new update! its REALLY buggy tho, lots of no-clipping  (being able to walk through walls and stuff) also some menue buttions dont do anything. Still its a great game :)

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We are happy that you liked it. We forgot to apply colliders on few objects. Menu buttons and other bugs will be fixed in next update.

great! still, amazing job with the game :)

btw the gun in the intro scene isn't all the way cut out

por favor añade el modo contra bots / modo un solo jugador
please add the mode bots mode / single-player mode


We will add bots in next update :)



We are happy to hear that you loved it :)

Its online multiplayer game.


it's Multiplayer or Online?


I am very Happy that I am Doing the first comment here. I am downloading this game at the time. I will soon donate this game. thanks very much for this game. At last I want to say you ''Love your country and one day InshAllah you will achieve huge success. Ameen"

Thanx for your feedback. :D Ameen.


Donate us if you like this game :)